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Dan Jeup Finding Nemo
Dan Jeup Animator of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
Dan Jeup Toy Story 2 Buzz and Woody



Dan Jeup is a Director, Writer, Story Artist, Animator, and Character Designer and is best known for his work on Disney and Pixar animated feature films.  Dan animated Sebastian the Crab in The Little Mermaid and was Story Supervisor on Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2, the latter of which he won an Annie Award for Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production.  Throughout his career Jeup has worked for nearly every major studio in the industry including Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Laika Animation Studios, Nickelodeon, and Don Bluth Productions.

Walt Disney Pictures Dan Jeup
Pixar Dan Jeup
Lucasfilm Animation Dan Jeup
Dreamworks Dan Jeup
American Zoetrope Dan Jeup
Sony Pictures Dan Jeup
Warner Brothers Dan Jeup
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Walt Disney Animation Studios Dan Jeup
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